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If you are feeling stuck in the struggle and pain of an unfulfilling life – even though you know in your heart that you’re meant for more then it's time to stop letting the people, the problems, and the pain of your past pause the progress of your present potential. This course will teach you how to live in alignment with your values, in manifestation of your desires, and in service to your purpose.

I’ve known trauma from a young age. But my story really starts on May 19, 2000, when I lost my son, Drew, in an accidental drowning. The grief of losing a child is one thing. The weight of blaming yourself for it is simply too much to carry.

I tried. But a month after losing Drew, my husband left me, confirming my deepest fears that it was all my fault. I was so heartbroken and defeated that I didn’t know how to exist another day. As I struggled to find the words, I suddenly noticed an unopened letter that read: To the Mother of Drew. I opened it, and the words of a complete stranger changed my life forever. This woman gave me hope and once I opened myself to the possibility of healing and happiness, the steps that came next fell into place with a little bit of research and a lot of intuition. 

I'm Ready for Happiness!
 In the Iconic Women's Self-Discovery Series, I want to help you transform through trauma, break free of limiting beliefs, and redesign the life you always knew was possible. If you feel lost, broken-hearted, or nothing at all, I’m going to show you how to turn deep insight into empowering action and finally embrace the woman within you who leads with joy, purpose, and divine love. Are you Ready?
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The Iconic Women's Self-Discovery Series:

The Secret to becoming a World-Class Women and creating unshakable levels of confidence, clarity, and freedom!


Series is an understatement. It’s so much more than that. It’s a community on fire. It’s a family of women who are driven towards a common cause, a chief vision: dropping every excuse that doesn’t serve us in our goals or potential, defeating victimhood in every area it shows up and living a life that radiates unshakeable confidence. We are a community of women, but we are more than that, we are a force to be reckoned with. 


The Iconic Women's Self-Discovery Series is a strategically crafted program designed to ensure you become that woman on fire. The teachings, systems and processes I lay out for you in this series are clear and easy to implement. You will discover and get the clarity you need to recognize the beliefs and behaviors that aren’t serving you and even blocking you from stepping into your highest self. Not only will those tools support you to recognize these patterns, they will also be the key to you finally letting go of everything that holds you back from being your truest, most highest iconic self. 


I do have to forewarn you though. These tools just may inspire and impact you to finally take the leaps you never thought you would. These tools will empower you to either get out of that toxic relationship or asking for the raise you were once afraid to ask for or starting that business you’ve always dreamt of. You will live with so much bravery and courage, the woman you were inspired by, but felt inadequate or incapable of ever being…you just may end up becoming yourself after going through this series. Your transformation awaits you!


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1. Transform your Mindset

Learn how to eliminate disempowered thinking and the victimhood mindset. Also help you transform trauma, negative thinking, and limiting beliefs.

2. Gain Inner Peace

You are one decision, once choice, one thought away from the life you truly want. Inner Peace is the key to it all. Creating a life of fulfillment, joy, happiness, and satisfaction. 

3. Live Iconic and FREE!

It’s not what happens to you, it's about what you do with it to access those inner resources and inner visionary. Life is an inside job, it's about how connected we are to ourselves that is the key to unlocking and discovering their inner joy and happiness. Learning to grow through every experience.

In this Course you will:

  • Discover the tools and systems to eliminate a victim mindset and create a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and unshakable confidence!
  • Learn to ditch the inner beliefs that don’t serve your goals and experience a life full of vitality, possibility, and passion!
  • Experience a new empowered perspective and identity shift that isn’t dependent on circumstances, relationships, or people's opinions of you!
  • Find courage and bravery within yourself to let go of the toxic relationships you have in your life and never allow yourself to be defined by them ever again!
  • Create healthy, meaningful, and empowering connections and relationships in our community of women seeking to share their message, use their voice and live empowered lives!
  • See the boldness in you to finally ask for that raise, get that promotion, end that toxic relationship, or start that business you’ve always desired!
  • Have all the tools, resources, and support you need to transform your pain into purpose, your MESS into a MESS-AGE, and live an empowered, inspiring, and impactful life!

Creating Your Iconic Self...


Discover a new sense of purpose and direction


Experience a fresh vitality and passion for life


Create deep connection and build meaningful  relationships


Enhance your overall effectiveness in daily life


Iconic Women...


have mastered the discovery of who they are and embrace their femininity.

They come in all colors, shapes, sizes and styles and yet they all share this one trait, they all deeply love and accept themselves for the amazing women that they are. They know that they were created by God for a unique and distinct purpose and have made the choice to align with it and create from it.

They embrace their talents and spiritual gifts. They value and understand their worth. The wisdom they possess comes from having experienced adversity, hardship and trauma but refuse to live as a victims.


They have chosen instead to live
as the victors in life. 


Put simply, she is vibrant and alive because she lives in alignment with her higher self and actively cultivates the vision she has. She is fearlessly committed to bringing her best and being her best in all ways, at all times.

“The choice to move forward in life is as simple as releasing ourselves from the negative and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, but all too often we would rather be RIGHT and hold onto a WRONG BELIEF than be wrong.” 

- Melissa Hull

I want to be ICONIC!

Who This is For...

  • Women who are teachable
  • Women who are committed to their personal growth
  • Women who are looking to live empowered and become their best-self
  • Women who are on a journey to emotional, mental, and spiritual awakening 
  • Women who are ready to let old beliefs go and create a new system of thinking
  • Women who want to gain their confidence back

Who This Is NOT For...

  • Women who aren’t willing to be teachable or humble
  • Women who want to stay a victim and stay the way they are
  • Women who prefer to live complacently rather than become their absolute best
  • Women who don’t desire to create more internal, spiritual, emotional freedom
  • Women who want to stay in their comfort zone
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