Learn To Conquer Limiting Beliefs, Eliminate Victim Mindsets, And Live A More Feminine and Vibrant Life By Becoming ICONIC


Embrace your inner I.C.O.N. and reveal your true power!

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Creating Your Iconic Self...


Discover a new sense of purpose and direction


Experience a fresh vitality and passion for life


Create deep connection and build meaningful  relationships


Enhance your overall effectiveness in daily life


Iconic Women...


have mastered the discovery of who they are and embrace their femininity.

They come in all colors, shapes, sizes and styles and yet they all share this one trait, they all deeply love and accept themselves for the amazing women that they are. They know that they were created by God for a unique and distinct purpose and have made the choice to align with it and create from it.

They embrace their talents and spiritual gifts. They value and understand their worth. The wisdom they possess comes from having experienced adversity, hardship and trauma but refuse to live as a victims.


They have chosen instead to live
as the victors in life. 


Put simply, she is vibrant and alive because she lives in alignment with her higher self and actively cultivates the vision she has. She is fearlessly committed to bringing her best and being her best in all ways, at all times.


Every woman is an iconic woman in her own unique way, and it’s never too late to discover your own inner icon.

So if you...


  • Are ready to end the pattern of feeling disengaged and dissatisfied about your life
  • Want to discover and develop a relationship with your inner self
  • Desire to learn how to love, accept and empower yourself from the space of deep self acceptance,

...This program is definitely designed for you!

I want to be ICONIC!

Who This is For...

  • Women who are teachable
  • Women who are committed to their personal growth
  • Women who are looking to live empowered and become their best-self
  • Women who are on a journey to emotional, mental and spiritual awakening

Who This Is NOT For...

  • Women who aren’t willing to be teachable or humble
  • Women who want to stay a victim
  • Women who prefer to stay the way they are
  • Women who prefer to live complacent rather than become their absolute best
  • Women who don’t desire to create more internal, spiritual, emotional freedom
  • Women who want to stay in their comfort zone
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What you get when signing up for The Iconic Woman:

  • Downloadable workbook with a new weekly topic throughout the entire 52 week program!
  • Weekly Growth Work to keep you on track
  • Accountability Partnership with the Melissa Hull Academy Team- sending your growth work via email.
  • Iconic Woman Community: Part of becoming an Iconic Woman is allowing yourself to be loved, cherished and supported. That includes being a part of a supportive community that will nurture and guide you to becoming your absolute best and healthiest self. You will gain access to our exclusive private FB group community of Iconic Woman striving to live empowered, feminine and free!
  • Bi-weekly LIVE topic-driven conversations with Melissa that will guide and support your transformative journey
  • Monthly Reiki Healing Sessions
  • Meditation Classes
  • BONUS: Bi-monthly community blog where we will discuss monthly topics and take a deeper dive, membership pricing on all LIVE events, All New Courses added to the Academy and in person retreats!
  • Exclusive Member Access to Mentorship Program with Melissa Hull.

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It seems like this is “too good to be true”, and if I were in your shoes, I’d probably feel the same. And trust me, I get it. 

Integrity is a huge thing for me. Authenticity is my number one core value for all of my businesses. Truth is, you totally can choose not to do this...and you know what? That’s okay. By no means will I force your hand to do anything you don’t want to do.

However, if you do choose to decide to work with us, here’s what I can promise you.

If you sign up today and in 14 days you’re not…

  • Blown away by the content you learn
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  • Learning genuine strategies that actually support your energy, femininity and transform your mindset
  • Satisfied with the level of support, love, care and wisdom we’re providing you
  • Seeing tangible results in your life

We will refund 100% of your money. I absolutely stand by my word.

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